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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The First Star for the Night

     Its been a while eversince I relax my head to stare up the eve.  My everyday choirs, works, and troubles negates me upon glancing the beauty of the night.  Lucky, this dim sanctuary I come to dwelt had a small light up there.  The moon isn't making its appearance yet, something made the view admirable just a single bit of its presence.  A star, shining its way through the clouds of the night.  The fellow reminds me of something.  The trials and the uncertainty came to darken things out yet by continuous struggling the light never dies.

     To tell you the truth, my life has its own uncertainty.  Its just normal to have one though because of it, I'm pushed down, perplexed, and hurt.  I'll start it from the top.  First, our electricity is cut off.  Every night we grasp through things to walk inside our house.  I'm still thankful that we still have house and its the only thing I can boast of.  Unfortunately, our water is also cut off from our house.  What hapless occurrence to have yet, I still consider myself lucky for we can still buy water from our neighbor.  The only problem is, when our neighbor come not to share us to buy there water.  Nevertheless, life still move on no matter what.  Those problems are long been burdened to me adding another one which declaring myself as unemployed.  Its very hard to look for a job nowadays considering you lack of funds.  How come things occur to this place, like its a test of how I can handle such things.  I don't know what to do now.  The only thing I can think  of is write.  MY pen and paper comforts me all through out the time.  The strength I have which push me to move on and the belief for the Above.  Do you believe that I dream too much, that I forbid myself to sleep very often.  I only come to slumber whenever I'm tired and its time to sleep.  To me, unuseful sleep tends people to become less, having idle, not being productive, and wasting alot of moments while there are still things that can be possibly done.  For me, whenever I got idle, I grab my pen and paper then write.  If I have no idea, I read books so I become productive.  I can only do such thing with concentration whenever boredom bites my life. I may be dumb, idiot, useless, and futile but i never forget how short life can be.  If ever I am given a chance of progress, I will take it with all my might for you will never know if that maybe it or just another test to strengthen your personality.

     Summing it up, A night without a moon is very dark and vague for those travelers during that time.   Still, the only star to standout to guide them serves a very great  purpose  knowing the wanderers have no place to rest there head.   I'll just keep  on moving in this world of ours and maybe someday all of my uncertainty will come to its solution.  I really hope that day would come, for its the possession I  cling on simply making me a step within a day.

©thylyt19 1:21 pm Feb. 20, 2011