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Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Back To Reality"

     The world is full of uncertainty.  We have no control about that.  Pain, agony, despair, and misery are simply a part of this sanctuary.  There are times  that we would  like to run away  from everything yet  if we do it,things  still remains the same. The only thing which change, is the place and the feeling.  The place for a better cure about  the burden which really pus a heart very low.  And the feeling, assumes  a very hard dealt to drive because its part of the reality that can't be faked.   Scape, its only a remedy for our world.  A good col down for the all so disparaging situation and return with a heart of valiancy, this could change the situation.  When things aren't doing well, why not chill and relax.  Too much pressure can lead to a bigger problem.  It is not good to practice such everyday though use the remedy in a proper situation.
     A gathering or a convention, this is one of my way for escape.  I'm very disrupted on the idea to the things that happen here.  I just wish that I didn't live for all that occur.  Sometimes, I want to give up but when I look upon how far I already got, I tend to move on.  I don't want to waste all the effort, the unfinished business, and the goals I want to attain.  Lucky I can walk even seeing my friends are adding as my strength.  They are the people that let me move from the recent advocacy I avail.  If I can't move on I stopped and relax for a moment.  Then, as my hand got all together along he people whom charges my shaking knees, I face all the enemy I can and destroy them down.  A gathering, another session of my escape.  Its better to have one without prior  agenda because when we got together, things will just flow-out smooth.  Don't plan, one of the things which we learned from each other .  It makes the day a lot more exciting where you don't know what to come yet you already see what will happen, a deja vu perhaps.
     There are some moments in life that we really ask,"Why do this have to happen to me?"  When I look back, I simply now know why.  Its the reason why I don't complain when something bad happens to me.  A lost, a mislead, a torture, and more to be specific---pain.  I'm not rich yet I do whatever I can to achieve things that I want.  I have no other way of channeling my expression though  I do my best in this field of mine. Thank you guys, hope we will have more times together and I am nothing without your companion.  For what did the line from Zombie Loan yields to generate excitement on people and the one thing that we, too, believe on is," Money motivates me to work but I never let money control my life."

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


     Don't ever put your back unto someone.  It is one way of letting them down.  They had given you trust yet what they were expecting was being neglected.  This may hurt, you would not see it but you will feel the motion of there action.  Ignorance, avoidance, negligence, and forsake are simply the answer of the people whom treats someone unimportant.  By practicing them in a wrong way , you could earn a bad respect.  Yet, the proper usage of those will surety save a great life.  Apparently, if those are the yield from a trusted person, a peculiar assumption prolong.  The old times which everything seems okay, there would be a sudden crack for that connection.  I know that to earn something you must give something.  It could be labor or anything that would equate it, not just money, for money is only a tool.
     I move away from people because I often don't want any commotion.  A small question, a smooth talk, and minor things that might dig up very deep into me.  People can hurt, that's true.  It's one of the reason I don't mingle so much with others.  Some sees  me in a  small group or most of the time, alone.  I prefer to it because I don't like some people's reprimand towards my work.  I am a nobody and I leave no argument with it.  I only do what I desire to do whether you enjoy with it or not its not my fault.  The perception of my crafts just depends on you but the reason of them lies in me.  However, everything has an exception.  An action for the right is needed whenever things gone wrong.  Never get tired of doing what is correct.  No matter what the cause, the feeling of relief will collide.  It could adhere pain yet the feeling will get ease.  My one true goal is to express.  I don't care if no one would like it because my thoughts are for the just.  The enemy for the wrong and portrayal of the light.   This is in my mind as I do things.
     Never disregard a trust given to you.  It could prosper a heart when a trust is bountifully performed.  Also, respect grows  from it when things continue for the just.  Be of haste to fulfill your words and never go astray for them.  This might look small things but this small things carries your character.  The image which a stranger perceives that could be it.  Me, I do good in a group effort.  I even like participating to activities which my skill  is needed.  The problem eventually arise when you see yourself working for them yet they don't produce the same effort.  Therefore, I simply go on my own sometimes.  For Batman had said,"It is wiser to be alone but happy than with somebody who does nothing while your're doing everything."

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Thursday, 14 April 2011


     I had said  this so many times and I will never be tired of transmitting this words.  I already  said it to different mediums.  Yet, I will never get weary for this kind of action.  I've receive something whether of tangible or not, I obtain.  I request, even if I don't ask for it, still--- I acquire.  I know small things made a big difference to someone's life and I do appreciate the thoughts of  giving.  In my early works or writings, I could have included those words for so many times.  I may sound redundant yet I don't want to think that I did nothing in return.  Some told me I'm wasted though  I always make ways to put up my short comings.  Moreover, the true sense of giving is covering your gift with your heart.  Then throwing it away, without any means or returns.  You had done it, and that's what I'm surprised.
     As I said before,"Everyone is unique."  One bears different tools to brighten up the sky.  A painter uses its brush to paint.  A carpenter uses its hammer to build and to me, a writer uses its pen and paper to write.  An artist simply expresses there thoughts for the medium they upheld.  But you, ideas are the acquisition that you come to provide.  You are beautiful.  In addition, your creative.  A critique do emphasize what he sees.  You, its impossible not to notice.  The crowd loves the things which pleases there eyes.  I only have a small problem with them that I really do want to point out---"Generally, man judge by the eye rather than the hand, for all men can see a thing, but few come close enough to touch it."  It's a passage in The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.  I often think about this to the people whom just speak and does  not have any understanding of an art.  I simply put those to  succor you when your audience comes to disapprove you against your decision.  My hands are for the sake of the just and I won't let the inequity dominate the presence of my sight.  Hope you'll keep the passion for your deeds and perform actions of your heart.  If ever it brings another thought of idea for me, I will be proud to serve it in front of your followers.
     Me, I lie barren in my cave, of no good for anyone or of no use for the sake of others.  Lucky I still have my pen and paper.  I could have gone hope without it.  I met people, numbers of great people like you which enables me to write.  I don't regret my actions which leave me down to this, everything I have is gone.  I have friends--- true friends.  Yet I don't want to be a burden to them.  They have there own uncertainty, there own struggles, and there own path to take.  I want to help but how can I help if I can't  myself.  It hurts, it really hurts.  I am broke and I have nothing at all though I heartly say, "Thank You" for being the person whom  sets an icon to continue, of barging a small conversation and causes to attain more.  I said too much.  I just remember how the rain feels whenever it occurs.  Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood tends to have the same feeling when he said this line,  "I thought the rain would wash away those feelings. . . But every single drop that hits my face, makes me that more miserable."

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

"Hajime Maste"

     "Nice to meet you,"  Gorgeous lady.  I really wanted to say that before though I often forget what I want to tell.  The frustration, the pressure, and the load of my work leads me to neglect what the other things I should do.  Your a great person, I can see that.  Beautiful, there's no question about it.  The only thing which  thing which disturbs me during my observation of you, is that, something performing to lack with you.  I don't know if someone incomplete's you or you are looking  for someone to complete you.  I have no right of going through your life yet I simply worried of the painful expression I come to adhere from you.  There sad thoughts you surmise behind the crowd.  The question for life that seeks missing to you.  From the start, I'm a stranger.  Its obvious for them to see.  Yet, A perceiving audience also feels the ache when they share the same emotion.
     You've already created a name inside the community, doubts shall never enter those words.  Joined several competition and enjoyed the companion of  new friends.   There's no stopping the road of your arise.  I can easily see your progress for it touches me though I'm just passing though.  Hard working, for I also see the efforts how you do your work.  I do really want to praise that.  Because, few continues the thing what they had started.  Unlike you, your different, a person which enjoys her work and forgets tiredom when you begin your work.  It pleases me as I see people like that.  Time goes and everything changes yet you are there simply enjoying the event you come to attend.  No  wonder some wants your presence, your not that hard to be with.  "Accommodating and friendly, isn't it nice to talk with this kind of person?"  I already experienced before, people that are too unkind which a small simple question is asked yet your being ignored.  Much more, if your a woman its not very nice to adhere.  Then again, your unique for all of them.  You try to talk as much for the others as you can.  It's really a good thing that in small ways you come to cheer people up and push clouds away from them.  I think that tiny chat which gives bliss not only for me as well as for my colleagues too.  It looks very simple but seeing my friends happy makes me happy as well.
     My life isn't that interesting.  Who the hell would want to hear my failure.  I may be dumb sometimes yet as much as possible I try to makeup something for it.  Likewise, we can't undo what happen but we can make up for it.  For you, a special kind of character that needs to be mentioned, I just felt the need to inscribe that.  No matter how big or small a thought commences, it should be appreciated.  It's my job, putting things for the world to see.  If no one looks upon it, it's alright.  The structure is there and will stay until everything fades.  I'll continue what I like to do so forth my action is my observance.  When you have a time, try to listen.  It would really be great for me.  I will never get tired of inscribing my words for what Edward Elric said in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, "I haven't given anyone a reason to take my life!"

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     "I feel much better when your with me rather than taking a medicine."  This line was spoken by Ichiru of Vampire Knight.  As far as I remember, he was sick when Ichiru said the words to Zero.  There are some persons that tends to be your cure in a way.  Presence which bears as companions.  A small conversation that tells your with someone.  And, often a tap on your shoulder signifying the tendency of enlightening the dull moments.   It really feels so much better when your with a friend.  The ease of comfort do simply adhere as your friend sits besides you.  The only thing that hurts alot or adds question in someone's mind is the absence of friend when you go through sort of bad things.
     "Ouch!"  Its an expression of pain.  Or, "It hurts,"  the much more perceivable utter when a wound groans.  Cures are very abundant nowadays yet one must know th proper medication in able to obtain the desired relief.  A remedy is often given in order to adhere precaution.  Likewise, the casual conversation with another person.  "How are you?"  Is a question to start a talk.  I simply miss people whom I mingle before.  A small laugh, a few silence, the tiny struggles, and a gathering which no latter of objective is followed.  I come of barging with a person that I haven't got any news.  A maiden, an adorable young lady, tackles beyond the scene of my peradventure.  It's my thought that not to ask names unless I will see that person again.  I simply don't like  encountering a person's name then a long period of time comes, the person doesn't made any communication.  It's alright if that someone made a mark unto you and leave but when a nonsense situation occurred then left you hanging,  I simply wonder why things have to happen.  Nevertheless, the maiden is nice and has an individual sense for beauty.  I want to know if, "How is she doing?"  I consider her as a friend though  I don't know if she considers me too.  I have a belief that, "Once a friend is always a friend."  The exchange of thoughts now depends on the perceiver of that belief.  I may not see this young lady again yet in some point of our lives, we crossed and mingled.  I ought to be as mediocre for the eyes of the crowd but never on my works.  I'm not afraid of being unknown, what I'm afraid of is doing nothing for the others and much more to myself.
     Honestly, it hurts when I notice people of  performing an absence.  The state of oblivion and negligence which commences a heart in burden, I just hope your not in trouble for I worry for the others which I haven't got any words.  This may sound annoying yet my bewilder encompasses me to inscribe such nonsense.  My pain will soon get its ease as the answer "Hello" or "Hi"  is performed.  Again, I wish your okay our there and your not having any kind of uncertainty --- For the stars are there to guide you whether of cold night or of dim scene just look up during the eve, there is someone to aid such pain. . .

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Thursday, 7 April 2011


Elie Ai
     We often regret what our actions once its already in the past.  an error of deeds, hurting someone for a reason, misunderstanding, assuming without further facts, negligence, and a whole lot more.  Its hard to give forgiveness depending on how the pain or err is driven.  Also, forgiving resides on the judgment of the beholder  --- a plausible thought or childish attitude.  I always see if I hurt anybody upon my actions.  Nobody has the right to hurt anybody.  It is very absurd.  Whether of physical and of verbal, it is not right.  On the other hand, there are some exceptions for this.  Reasons are always given if a action collide.  One must bare a justful sentiment when a knowledgeable lesson is performed.  Pain is simply a way of learning.  If you don't learn, it will repeat itself until you get it.  I, myself, do commit errs that's why I always mean "I'm Sorry"  whenever I notice and admit my faults.
     Before, I'd mistaken someone for somebody else.  I interchange someone for another.  I know its a minimal err but still I commit a mistake.   I said, "Is that a high school student?"  yet she's not.  I could mistaken her because of her height but its not right to judge a person immediately.  It is simply that, I come to perceive her as a high school student though someone tole me that she is already of a right age.  I don't want any argument, I simply want to know persons and claim some friends too.  My head just fool me sometimes that I mistaken others for someone.  I mistag another person to another which is not a good thing.  Moreover, by telling me I'm wrong and knowing the facts of my actions teaches me of not dong the same flaw as before. Besides, we're human, we make some mistakes.  The problem is, when a mistake is being done again, this means you don't think what you are doing.  Never intending to grow, doesn't want to evolve, or progress is not the choice of mind.  Life is learning, without it we become idle and with it, we made an advance everyday.  I make sure that my works doesn't got any bad intentions for anyone, for I claim respect to individual persons.  Likewise, I treat myself as how I treat the others.  Its one of my basic belief.  My admiration to people that simply enjoys their work not compelling any kind of compensation in regards of there actions puts them on top of my list which I really owe my reverence.  Telling the truth, I don't really know her yet she  comes to enjoy what she does.  That's the true meaning of work.  Not by believing for the phrase "Happiness is a sin."
     Personally, I wrote this hoping that I will be heard.  If not then I'll just continue writing.  Its my passion, nobody can take it away from me.  They could mock me down and wish that my works doesn't exist.  Well, I'll stand for myself.  This is my life.  When you take away my pen and paper, you've just like killed me.  I will keep all my thoughts inside this scribe.  So forth, I can go back an retrace  what had happen before.  To know my mistake, to think what is my next move, and to teach those people that continuously performs an error yet they still boast for it.  Then again, it might be a small thing though I seal my regret for my errs here.  I remember Takashi of Highschool of the Dead.  I also mean  what he said," What would I gain from lying!!!"
     Thanks for crossing my path and I'm sorry if I had mistaken you.

©Thylyt19 12:46 pm March 28, 2011

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"You Own My Respect"

     "How can I leave you behind and run?"Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood stated this when he was requested by one of his companion to leave him behind.  I simply admire Edward for the understanding he come to give for the people he dwell with.  He knows why Pride act his way, he has knowledge why Envy does his works, he also accepts the actions of Greed for his whereabouts.  Moreover, his too caring for the persons which he comes with.  As if every persons lives are important, none goes to waste for everyone has its own purpose.  His friend, his brother, and even his enemies--- He doesn't want any of them to die.  All of them are precious yet life is a cycle, death includes those who live and walks in this world.  It only matters what will you do inside this unsecure sanctuary.
     Edward gives importance to his friends.  It's the reason why he can't leave them behind and run.  He knows that friends are more precious than gold and nothing can parallel a true friend.  His actions are well determine and he come to think for the benefit of all.  He is humble, I can prove that word for everyone loves to conjure with him.  Smart, passionate, and determinated are few that I come to see.  This person is smart because he always do the right decision. He thinks first for what will be the outcome of his works.  Will it be for the good or for the bad?  Will anyone be hurt for my decision or will all do benefit from it?  He is never too selfish of what he had and he really  cares about the situation of others.  It is his works that proves him to be smart.  Next is passionate.  Edward is passionate for his profession.  He tends t stick for the works that he come to start with.  Though everything seems to be very vague for his works, he still continues for it is his passion.  No regrets, No buts, No question, and no doubts those are the feeling he come to perform.  He simply set his passion towards everything so forth Edward won't be astray. Lastly, determinated upon his words.  One of the thing that only few can stand. One of the few where true people can fight for.I just come to be astonished by individuals that can make there words true though the road is ragged and muddy. My obeisance should turn to you for your examples are for the sight of a reverence.
    Eventually,  I come to know him more for I met him for a long time ago.  I bow for him because he had done things that no ordinary person can do.  His not an imagination, his not a dream, his not fake, but his real. A genuine person which deserves a place where all should take praise for him because of the deeds he perform.  I'm really proud I met him and my gratitude seals with this scribe.  I may not be worthy to whatever things he come to showcase with, but I  am the one who will shout his name for all to remember it and to know him.  I deeply thank you my friend. . .

©Thylyt19 3:31pm March 25, 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

"I'm Not Happy"

     I just want to ask, "Did I intended to please you?"  In the first place, I don't want to harm anybody or to get anyone of getting hurt.  I don't even intend to please anyone because its not my way of work.  I no one cares for me, I don't care.  Yet, I still care for people whom I dwell with.  I don't know if you know how to get up things but I don't have bad intentions for anyone.  I  simply remark what the words anyone come to state.  Whether good or bad, its all about how people say it.  If you come to say something which never applies to certain situation, then I come to have wonderings about it.  I often ask to know what is the problem.  I observe in able to know what to do.  Yet,  its hard to justify an inconsistent person.
    "It has  nothing to do with you."  Zero said this line to Yuuki for interfering on his works.  He only want s to protect Yuuki so he moves away from her.  In my case, I know you care for a friend and I care so much too.  Those are just writings simply ignore them.  I simply wrote things to release what I feel.  I may come to be pushed down, perplexed,and wounded though I put them all inside this scribe.  I'm too far to be reached yet I come to you guys as far as I can.  I'm weak that's true, but I never compromise what reason to settle things that I can't do. I care for you guys so much though these are the simple things I can do.  Nevertheless, always be keen to certain details so forth a undull information cannot be perceive.  If you know how to understand, then silence is the mere answer for the situation.  I don't meant of ruining anything even insulting anyone.  It's against my belief.  I always tend my work for what is right.  Being unjust is my enemy and I consider what is proper towards any disposition.  Just put thoughts on your actions and words, for it will reflect our personality.  Its always a good thing to be silent though you have nothing good to say on someone's work.
  I don't want to lose anyone of you guys,   because of you people, I become myself.   I simply don't tolerate an unrightful words.  I'm a writer everything you say, every single move, and actions you come to surmise---I will praise it depending on the thoughts it inclines.  Don't worry, if ever I too admit I'm wrong, I should take some punishment too."I ought to treat myself as I would treat anybody else," Javert said it in Les Miserables in order to state himself in the world.  His a police though he does not set himself above the others.  He would rather put himself in jail or be sent away if he committed crime.   Likdewise, we come to have the same belief and same conscience to be precise.  Better yet," I must respect the opinions of th others even if I disagree with them,"  by Herbert Henry.

©Thylyt19 1:44 pm March 25, 2011