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Sunday, 31 July 2011

"It's Nothing Compared From What You Did"

     You brought bide to my dead end, made  feet step forward, and acquire a progress.  Few can handle such  endurance to be able of sacrificing too much from someone you doesn't know.  I believe I can't build any building, I cna' even make my faucet to flow a soothing cold water.   I just do what I can do to let me feel okay because I often get hurt  when I receive something that I don't deserve.  No matter how good and bad it is, I just want to have the feeling that I deserve it.  In a punishment, for example, if I know i'm wrong I'll accept whatever pain that the punishment will inflict unto me.  Same in rewards or gifts, I feel pitied on things though I know that I really have nothing to exhibit for the world.
     I'd been smashed on the floor, for the second time.  I just don't know at first why It did happen yet when I mesmerize on my past, I simply deserve it because I exceeded on having fun.  I thought for one strike, everything that had happened will never collide again.  The pain suffering because of hunger, the critiques of people, and the shame base of my action.  Those things repeated itself.  Yet, you aid me though there were hesitation and doubt. It move me up and energize my strength.  Recently, I still continue the battle I left behind though now you are included with it.  Not just you but he whole family.  No matter how cruel, insane or dumb, things may look like as long as it is for the benefit of the good, you can count on me.  I may have some problems with my memory so I want this to remember what i just felt.  We are now connected by blood, you can't remove any of us in you system.
     No matter what you do  whether you do nothing or something, people will always reprimand you.  The only solution I put with this is, I will do what I want to do.  Think if it is in the benefit of truth and good.  I just don't tell things too much.  If I lie, I know it's not me anymore--- for there is evil that live inside us that wants to come out.  Remember, I am just a servant in the name of my "BOSS"  that prevails what i right and do what it is needed to be done.  Thank you so much. . .

The Family of Mafia
July 9, 2011 11:45 am