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Saturday, 17 September 2011

"Where Had You Gone?"

     "I already killed all the angel here on earth."  This is what I felt when I loss sight of the heavenly creatures who had aided me and left me without saying farewell.  I have no hard feelings for the yet he pain which had been left, already made a scar.  Nevertheless, when everything seems to be very dark, I jst met a new one then charge me up my soul.  Like the other angels I met, they were present because they come to succor  a suffering soul--- similar to mine.  They bring hope without further questioning, enrich a very boring day, and put bridge towards a dead end.  A newly discovered type of angel as I walk on this realm. some said that every heavenly creature tends  to have a special feature and I guess it is true as I meet this being, "Blessed Angel."
     The very first angel I saw was simply adorable.  Plain as what we call, "Angel." Its been a long time eversince I saw that entity yet what that being did left a mark in able to lift me up from my saddle  grounds.  Yet, "Angel" didn't stay  on earth for a long time so the beautiful entity leave and move to aid another soul.  A "Silent Angel" is an epitome of pure comfort.  The existence is there though you won't hear a word only the works it made.  I was really surprised when I noticed this type of angel and surely made my time worthful while living.  Another one, "Angel in Disguise," an angel that deceives you which its entity is one of you.  At first, I thought this angel is only an ordinary person yet as she moves, speaks, walk, talk, and flu---this is no ordinary person.  I feel so lucky that I barge with that being and it is a very pleasant sensation to know that surprise still has its existence once you are there.  The very strong angel that give a hand to me is "Angel of Mercy."  I was awefully down by then, no one to go to and I was also broke.  Just by a touch, down fro the darkness where I dwelt, Angel of Mercy put me out from where I was.  One of the heavy feeling I felt because that angel left and need to move on.  Recently, I'm wondering from hither and thither, I discover a unique type of angel.  I have been questioning that where did this being had gone for all of my lives.  Very intelligent and has the character to bring the sunshine inside darkness.  I simply wish I can meet this angel more though, this one is special that it only arises when needed.  An angel, "Blessed Angel,"  this is the definition.  Just like the other angels, it has a purpose.  I simply wish that I was one of its purpose in able to have a few wonderful gifts from this Blessed Angel.
"Blessed Angel on the move"
     I really don't know where did you go.  I simply know that there are too many beings around you which loves you so m
uch.  I can see it with your glow, with your smile, with your works, and those things that usually present to you, I feel blessed , too, as you cross my road and I do want to feel you even for  just one more time.   Stay Blessed and I will be your comrade even for only a section of your road.

Thank you Blessed Angel. ..

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