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Sunday, 16 October 2011

"Am I Correct?"

    "How do you know if what you did is right?"  If no one is there to tell what is wrong, will you know the right thing immediately.   Having a flaw means of being a human, the tears of pain, the joy of laughter, and every little piece that would make man to feel.   Life would be so dull without those things, a very boring life I presume.  This is only a challenge whether one would  give up or move on.  Dreams will help us to step forward and strike for our goals.  The individual who has no perspective towards life contains a vain ingenuity.  Its alright o have mistake, get up and return from your road.  Say sorry then do something for what error, for there is a difference when you say sorry and work for your errs rather than say sorry and not doing anything about what you did.

     I may strive for so many times yet I fall too.  New people who I can wish to trust, wish they would not change there attitude.  They may have some minor flaws to overview thus we are here to guide.  The loneliness that I don't want to share.  They felt a part of it and stutters its resemblance.  I know this is just  a point-of-view and  I know that I perceive so much potentiality in them.  Its the reason I don't leave them behind.  I will teach, guide, protect, and serve like how my guardians did unto me.  Without proper guidance, they may come astray.   Without proper care, they may come  disparaging, and I don't want to let those things to them.   I couldn't do anything right.  I can't do something that would make my feelings flow to my special someone.  Yet, it is not he end of my road.  Those children will be the future which continues our struggle in able to make this world alot more great and more pleasing to everyone.  They are already apart of  me, and I don't want them away.  They can leave if they want but I just want to do what I want to do--- Care for them until they can be very mighty.

     These are the new people that are important to me.  I simply do hope they will stay like my family.  I can't really tell if they will move away from me or play along.  Thus, I'll be observing them and have fun because if feels great with them.  The family which I have right now, I want the respect and honor to be shared with them.   But, when they leave and take another turn, I cannot treat them to be part of the family because "A family will never leave one of there own behind whether they have fun or pain. For the more they stick together, the more they are stronger!"

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