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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


     "A  sin that needs a motivation to avoid."  Likewise, pleasure is the reason for this depriving action.  It does not stop on the bodily desire thus it also compels with the wants of an individual.  The over wanting feeling of doing  something as for playing a game, doing useless stuffs and a whole lot more that exist as an earthly necessity.  This feeling is very hard t control because it is inborn to a human being.  You can lose all that you have and get lost to the path that you need to go through.  Honestly, this is the enemy inside me---Of being too easy to give in  just for my desire.
     Women they exist because we need them.  Life would be so dull without those beautiful creature.  Me, as for myself, I can't  really live without them.  I respect them as much as possible and be gentle for being nice to me.  I often cry because of them, for being easily fooled by there cute smile.  The hell, I just can't resist to help a lady that smiles so beautiful.  Helping is simply a part of me yet, sometimes, I get to be cheated because of it.  I give all of my possession to aid thus I will be left alone.  I even get mock by them, on my face, for being such a dumb but who cares, I give because I wanted to give.  On the other hand, I really feel happy when they are around  yet they only remember me when they need anything.  It is really built inside of us to stick to those people who are very gallant to others.  But hey!  I want to see them happy, I want to cheer those ladies as much as I can, I don't want any tears on that beautiful face!  In the end, I'm still a loner that  seeks for my princess.  For this, I spent plenty of my time alone.  Spending more of my riches in games that I can never have progress no matter what I do. Even though I know how to stop things, I just don't have the proper motivation to get my discipline pumped up.  Thus, in my perspective, I only care for myself so forth this pain happens to me.
     I am just a Knight who squanders in a sanctuary of the unknown.  Getting lost is part my journey and meeting new comrades comes along to my path.  This journey gives me "A Family" that will be serve for the Holy.  I will fall down, stumble, and suffer alot.  I won't regret such, for I was made for this.  My pain is my teacher because, "I am only a Knight who seeks of his own princess.

     "The secret of discipline is motivation.  When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself."---Sire Alexander Paterson

Thylyt19 11:46 am December 11, 2011