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Friday, 20 July 2012

Can You Help Me?

     I need to buy a new pair of shoes.  It is either rubber shoes or black shoes.  My black shoes has a hole on its side so it would really need a replacement while my rubber shoes, are tearing apart.  Both shoes has a major damage on the right foot.  I don't really know why.  Maybe, I use my right foot most of the time instead of the left foot.  Random words I guess.  I just felt to say it because back then when I was a child I don't need one either.  Someone would just give me one if I need them.  Too bad, when your young, many people wants to support you.  As you get old, you are on your own.  You fall, get up for yourself because nobody cares about you.  The funny thing is--- when I'm starting to get up from my fall, people would want to jump on my back. Don't get me wrong.  I'm just getting literal about things that happen to me.
     I know everyone has there own problem.  Its the reason I don't jump in to others lives just to relief myself.  I want one who will stay and would never hurt me.  I simply found out that this people don't much exist yet you can still find few of them.
     Being lucky?  Its a dumb thing to ever trust everything to luck.  I understand luck as "One-time-opportunity" and it will never happen again.  Achieving a goal more than once, I think its never a luck anymore.  Hardwork is what you call it.  I see, even to myself , that we don't like pain.  Hardwork consist pain if you would know. Although without pain we can never be strong as we would like to be.  We can never go the stars of fulfill our dream.  Become rich and have a wonderful life.  I think for me it would e very far.  As my shoes got broke, I need to find where should I get the money to buy a pair of shoes.  I should also think what to eat for I had eaten twice a day recently.  My treasure?  I had given the to my younger sister because she much more needed it than I do.  
     By the way, I didn't understand another thing.  Why do people stay by your side when they need something and as they got what they want, they would disappear like nothing happens.  I suppose parasite do exist.  Its alright that some can't help financially though having there presence during the time of sorrow is much more appreciative than saying "I have nothing to help."
     I was taught by my colleagues to help whenever you can because me too was in time of despair yet those people were the one who aid me.  Call me "ruthless"  or whatever me name you can call me.  I only do what I know is right, and more oftenly, the right thing is the ridiculous act.
     A pair of shoes, a bag, and food for lunch and dinner. . . I have to think of where should I get the money for this.

4:36 pm April 7, 2012 Thylyt19