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Thursday, 9 August 2012

"I Am a Stray Dog"

     This is my life.  I have nowhere to go.  If ever I starve, I have nothing to eat.  If ever it rains, I have no shelter to cover myself.  That's how my life turns yet I don't want to live like it forever.  My hands can still dig the soil.  Likewise, I can move around to attain my needs.  For the meanwhile, I'm grateful that there are those whom accept me from what I am.
This is me in my dream
     A lurker from what's ahead.  Maybe that's  what I am.  I accept whatever challenge come to me.  Alot of pain, suffering, mockery, and death barge with me as I walk here.  Some says, "He's a person who doesn't know pain."  They often see me laugh, silent, and away forma group of people.   Nevertheless, it's just what they see.  Speaking with other people with what you feel can sometimes hurt you more.  Instead of helping , they put more burden to you.  I'm sick of it and I don't want to increase  the grief that I have.  They see m silent.   Yes, I don't speak when I'm thinking.  I oftenly observe it to myself.  Trust, I hardly trust few people as of this day.  Its hard to trust everyone.  Few will be returned yet more will be thrown away.  I know I am a nobody so its the reason some don't treat me right.   Who am I to complain?  They keep on doing tome what hurts me the most---being left behind.
     Alone, I'm already use with that.  I can do whatever I like. I can be whoever I want to be and no one will ever dare to oppose whether I come to think of.  Sometimes, it felt  very wrong when I see people group together.   When I see others mingle---I got the feeling of envy for them.  Guess it would never be remover in my system that someone needs someone or one needs at least one.
     Being astray can lead to anywhere because it has no definite destination.   The problem is, the destination can lead to heaven or hell.  Its the choice that one should make.   Lucky, a family will never abandon a member.  For if one got lost, for sure, the whole family will cross the other side just to bring back what is truly there possession.  Its very difficult to be in a family though being a part is a sure blessing.  Removing the meaning of astray and to lead whatever goal to attain.

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