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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"My Princess"

Kang Hyo Ae
     A Princess is a daughter of the King and Queen.  The crowd bow down to her and everyone is mesmerize by the Princess.  A beauty next to the Queen that only the strong shall have the right to claim her hand.  Apparently, a Princess only exist afew in reality.  If ever you found one, you are too lucky, because a Princess is far more precious than any treasure.

She is my princess
      In an anime, there are limited stories that a princess is included.  Normally, if there is a princess, there is someone to defend her ---A ninja or better yet a knight.  Just like how Syaoran protects Sakura and how Recca serve Ana.  They will do everything even giving there own life for there princess.  It doesn't matter how painful they serve there princess, it only matters to see there princess to be happy and smile.  I remember how Syaoran protect and serve Sakura from Tsubsa Chronicles---though Sakura doesn't remember him he is willing to do everything for her even if he gets pain in return.  It is much more painful of seeing your princess in pain.  Her pain is twice as the pain for her Knight.  A broken bone, bruises, and cuts are just a simple infliction of pain compared to seeing my princess cry.
     "No other woman can parallel a princess in the eye of her Knight.  Every word, every promise, every order is bound by his life."

      I never knew I would serve one in my life and I am happy with it.  A beauty almost all the crowd wants to possess though I'm her Knight, serving and kneeling for that beauty.  Honestly, my princess is so pretty that I should put my guard active because bandits unexpectedly strikes.  I am not worthy to touch her hand but I'm glad my princess would not bother if I soil her skin.
Hyo Ae Rhoan

     I love my princess more than my life that if she doesn't need of my service, I can go astray.  I have nothing to regale the crowd yet I can still shout to them that, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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