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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

"Little Drummer Boy"

     "Sometimes, you need children to inspire you when nobody can."

     For a while, I had been having trouble in writing . I can't make a piece of what I want to say.  Its like, I had been shut down to silence for so many things.  My pen kept on rolling but senseless words only do come out .  Then, a little music, I hear form the outside.  Tears came falling as I hear this carol.

     I am just a boy of no money and no place that I can call home.  What I can do is play my drum to feed my hungry tummy.  I have nobody that I can count on. I am also no good at anything else except for what they call as a drummer.  I cannot give what I don't have and I cannot do what I can't do.  This is my best and my everything.  Hope it will make you happy because this is what I truly am.

     I can't help not to cry interpreting who is "The Little Drummer Boy."  It seems to me that we don't have any difference at all.  There's so many people   around me but no one cares about me.  When I'm in pain, I have no body to go.  When I'm in trouble, I can only count myself.  The worse part is, when  you have something, others will become close to you.  They will remind you to share what you have and give until nothing is left.  After that, they will leave you like nothing happens.  They wouldn't  even recall what you did. The cruelty of loneliness touches my skin and, again, I do what I do with my best.

     Those caroling children who played the little drummer boy.  The help me remind who I really am.  A person who have nothing yet can offer what I do most.  A sad guy who wants to be taken care of.  And an individual who have  a heart that needs to be warmth.  On the other hand, I was lucky to hear the playing.  They push me to write my feelings.  My weakness that I keep inside me and the things which I still ignore though it hurts me.  You will see me smiling but do you know if its real?  You will always see me though I am always away and apart.   Sometimes, it makes me feel more okay in a less crowdy area than a very happy place yet nobody knows my existence.

     Maybe I'm fated to be like this.  The little drummer boy of nothing to offer yet still willing to give what all he have just to delight his highness though he get nothing in return.

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