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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


     "A  sin that needs a motivation to avoid."  Likewise, pleasure is the reason for this depriving action.  It does not stop on the bodily desire thus it also compels with the wants of an individual.  The over wanting feeling of doing  something as for playing a game, doing useless stuffs and a whole lot more that exist as an earthly necessity.  This feeling is very hard t control because it is inborn to a human being.  You can lose all that you have and get lost to the path that you need to go through.  Honestly, this is the enemy inside me---Of being too easy to give in  just for my desire.
     Women they exist because we need them.  Life would be so dull without those beautiful creature.  Me, as for myself, I can't  really live without them.  I respect them as much as possible and be gentle for being nice to me.  I often cry because of them, for being easily fooled by there cute smile.  The hell, I just can't resist to help a lady that smiles so beautiful.  Helping is simply a part of me yet, sometimes, I get to be cheated because of it.  I give all of my possession to aid thus I will be left alone.  I even get mock by them, on my face, for being such a dumb but who cares, I give because I wanted to give.  On the other hand, I really feel happy when they are around  yet they only remember me when they need anything.  It is really built inside of us to stick to those people who are very gallant to others.  But hey!  I want to see them happy, I want to cheer those ladies as much as I can, I don't want any tears on that beautiful face!  In the end, I'm still a loner that  seeks for my princess.  For this, I spent plenty of my time alone.  Spending more of my riches in games that I can never have progress no matter what I do. Even though I know how to stop things, I just don't have the proper motivation to get my discipline pumped up.  Thus, in my perspective, I only care for myself so forth this pain happens to me.
     I am just a Knight who squanders in a sanctuary of the unknown.  Getting lost is part my journey and meeting new comrades comes along to my path.  This journey gives me "A Family" that will be serve for the Holy.  I will fall down, stumble, and suffer alot.  I won't regret such, for I was made for this.  My pain is my teacher because, "I am only a Knight who seeks of his own princess.

     "The secret of discipline is motivation.  When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself."---Sire Alexander Paterson

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

"Am I Correct?"

    "How do you know if what you did is right?"  If no one is there to tell what is wrong, will you know the right thing immediately.   Having a flaw means of being a human, the tears of pain, the joy of laughter, and every little piece that would make man to feel.   Life would be so dull without those things, a very boring life I presume.  This is only a challenge whether one would  give up or move on.  Dreams will help us to step forward and strike for our goals.  The individual who has no perspective towards life contains a vain ingenuity.  Its alright o have mistake, get up and return from your road.  Say sorry then do something for what error, for there is a difference when you say sorry and work for your errs rather than say sorry and not doing anything about what you did.

     I may strive for so many times yet I fall too.  New people who I can wish to trust, wish they would not change there attitude.  They may have some minor flaws to overview thus we are here to guide.  The loneliness that I don't want to share.  They felt a part of it and stutters its resemblance.  I know this is just  a point-of-view and  I know that I perceive so much potentiality in them.  Its the reason I don't leave them behind.  I will teach, guide, protect, and serve like how my guardians did unto me.  Without proper guidance, they may come astray.   Without proper care, they may come  disparaging, and I don't want to let those things to them.   I couldn't do anything right.  I can't do something that would make my feelings flow to my special someone.  Yet, it is not he end of my road.  Those children will be the future which continues our struggle in able to make this world alot more great and more pleasing to everyone.  They are already apart of  me, and I don't want them away.  They can leave if they want but I just want to do what I want to do--- Care for them until they can be very mighty.

     These are the new people that are important to me.  I simply do hope they will stay like my family.  I can't really tell if they will move away from me or play along.  Thus, I'll be observing them and have fun because if feels great with them.  The family which I have right now, I want the respect and honor to be shared with them.   But, when they leave and take another turn, I cannot treat them to be part of the family because "A family will never leave one of there own behind whether they have fun or pain. For the more they stick together, the more they are stronger!"

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

"Where Had You Gone?"

     "I already killed all the angel here on earth."  This is what I felt when I loss sight of the heavenly creatures who had aided me and left me without saying farewell.  I have no hard feelings for the yet he pain which had been left, already made a scar.  Nevertheless, when everything seems to be very dark, I jst met a new one then charge me up my soul.  Like the other angels I met, they were present because they come to succor  a suffering soul--- similar to mine.  They bring hope without further questioning, enrich a very boring day, and put bridge towards a dead end.  A newly discovered type of angel as I walk on this realm. some said that every heavenly creature tends  to have a special feature and I guess it is true as I meet this being, "Blessed Angel."
     The very first angel I saw was simply adorable.  Plain as what we call, "Angel." Its been a long time eversince I saw that entity yet what that being did left a mark in able to lift me up from my saddle  grounds.  Yet, "Angel" didn't stay  on earth for a long time so the beautiful entity leave and move to aid another soul.  A "Silent Angel" is an epitome of pure comfort.  The existence is there though you won't hear a word only the works it made.  I was really surprised when I noticed this type of angel and surely made my time worthful while living.  Another one, "Angel in Disguise," an angel that deceives you which its entity is one of you.  At first, I thought this angel is only an ordinary person yet as she moves, speaks, walk, talk, and flu---this is no ordinary person.  I feel so lucky that I barge with that being and it is a very pleasant sensation to know that surprise still has its existence once you are there.  The very strong angel that give a hand to me is "Angel of Mercy."  I was awefully down by then, no one to go to and I was also broke.  Just by a touch, down fro the darkness where I dwelt, Angel of Mercy put me out from where I was.  One of the heavy feeling I felt because that angel left and need to move on.  Recently, I'm wondering from hither and thither, I discover a unique type of angel.  I have been questioning that where did this being had gone for all of my lives.  Very intelligent and has the character to bring the sunshine inside darkness.  I simply wish I can meet this angel more though, this one is special that it only arises when needed.  An angel, "Blessed Angel,"  this is the definition.  Just like the other angels, it has a purpose.  I simply wish that I was one of its purpose in able to have a few wonderful gifts from this Blessed Angel.
"Blessed Angel on the move"
     I really don't know where did you go.  I simply know that there are too many beings around you which loves you so m
uch.  I can see it with your glow, with your smile, with your works, and those things that usually present to you, I feel blessed , too, as you cross my road and I do want to feel you even for  just one more time.   Stay Blessed and I will be your comrade even for only a section of your road.

Thank you Blessed Angel. ..

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Sunday, 31 July 2011

"It's Nothing Compared From What You Did"

     You brought bide to my dead end, made  feet step forward, and acquire a progress.  Few can handle such  endurance to be able of sacrificing too much from someone you doesn't know.  I believe I can't build any building, I cna' even make my faucet to flow a soothing cold water.   I just do what I can do to let me feel okay because I often get hurt  when I receive something that I don't deserve.  No matter how good and bad it is, I just want to have the feeling that I deserve it.  In a punishment, for example, if I know i'm wrong I'll accept whatever pain that the punishment will inflict unto me.  Same in rewards or gifts, I feel pitied on things though I know that I really have nothing to exhibit for the world.
     I'd been smashed on the floor, for the second time.  I just don't know at first why It did happen yet when I mesmerize on my past, I simply deserve it because I exceeded on having fun.  I thought for one strike, everything that had happened will never collide again.  The pain suffering because of hunger, the critiques of people, and the shame base of my action.  Those things repeated itself.  Yet, you aid me though there were hesitation and doubt. It move me up and energize my strength.  Recently, I still continue the battle I left behind though now you are included with it.  Not just you but he whole family.  No matter how cruel, insane or dumb, things may look like as long as it is for the benefit of the good, you can count on me.  I may have some problems with my memory so I want this to remember what i just felt.  We are now connected by blood, you can't remove any of us in you system.
     No matter what you do  whether you do nothing or something, people will always reprimand you.  The only solution I put with this is, I will do what I want to do.  Think if it is in the benefit of truth and good.  I just don't tell things too much.  If I lie, I know it's not me anymore--- for there is evil that live inside us that wants to come out.  Remember, I am just a servant in the name of my "BOSS"  that prevails what i right and do what it is needed to be done.  Thank you so much. . .

The Family of Mafia
July 9, 2011 11:45 am

Monday, 30 May 2011

"You Cross My Mind"

     "Thank you," this may sound a little redundant  to you though I need to transmit this words.  It felt a disturbance for me when I  don't do anything for this kind of motion of yours.  The past few weeks had been very crucial for me and I really  needed something to vigorate my dying spirit.  As much as it is said, the world turns its back unto me, the only thing that I can count on is myself.  The night is so dark, the wind is so cold, and silence is the only companion I adhere.  Fortunately, the depths of this dim well of mine still has a silver lining.  I would often want to sleep forever yet your spirit comes down for me and lift up this dying spirit of mine.
My Death
My Savior
     I know  you had gone your own way, took your bags and move on your own.  The good thing about it, is that, you left something for me.  A gift that would stay no matter what happens.  It won't be erased though many but it  could  be the mark you gave me when I met you.  The person who taught me about the reason to continue my life ever in the  depths of despair.  Sometimes you my mentor for my works.  The inspiration for the competition of my life.  The one I envy the most because I believe that everyone is made equal.  Yet, you already made a big step forward.  No wonder you hard to reach though somehow you know to stretch your hands.  Won't you believe, if I'm in a situation where my life is close to death, I only think of you.  I'd say "If I can't pass this, I can't surpass the things she had dare."  In places, in situation, in situation, it would sound a little different for me though just a thought for your resemblance---My energy regains.  They had thrown me so many times and treat me like dirt.  It means nothing for me now as you touch my soul.
Free as ever
     This may sound ridiculous although this is true.  I think you know that I never lie in my work because you had seen it a long time ago.  I don't regret any of my works before specially the crafts that includes you.  Those things made me happy and it teaches me how life makes its acceptance.  I, too, have to move on and be on my way.  There is only a glitch at it.  I come to think of you once I got to be in trouble.  Funny, I simply can't do what the line from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood meant.  It is far more better if I did that but I can't.  Maybe every person is different afterall------"In that case, don't you think it's wiser to simply grab what's important and runaway?
I will never see her Again.

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Friday, 27 May 2011


Alexander Anderson own's will
The priest of there own's  Anderson
    "Never interfere with what they want to do."  A principle of mine when I know an individual enjoys his work.  It is important for me to see people whom I care most doing the things that they love to do.  My heart also rejoice when I know they are in bliss once they never regret the action they compel.  Regret, a very absurd feeling as joy touches a decision.  "You were happy for what you did so there is no reason to utter regret."  I believe in this.  It is my way to face the outcome of my deed when something bad happens in it.  I will never blame  anyone, for it is my action.  I will not wish to change all what I did which I enjoyed.  Thus, I will simply continue the life I prolong.
Anderson's choice
    Find a reason for your joy.  Just don't forget the people who was there for you no matter what happens.  They accepted yo from who you are and it would be wonderful if you share a bit of joy with them.  I know that, when someone get too happy for what they are doing, they sometimes forget there true companions.  Seeing you smile, run around, mingle, and express yourself are our intention for you.  I just wish that nobody would hurt you because if would be easy to break there neck once a tear fall on you beautiful face.  Did I said those line before?  Anyway, I am you guardian. I only observe things that you do, guides you for the right direction, and might as serve if needed.  Don't misunderstand what I want to say.  I only care for you a lot.   Choosing the path you wan tis never our decision.  I'm just one of you guardian, as I said, which gives precaution upon what will happen when you made a decision.  Life is very unsecure.  We, specially I, don't want you to experience the bad times we did had.  I was hurt during those hours and only scars are left inside my heart.  If you ever feel that you have no one to go to, mark my words, don't hesitate to approach me because you are one of my priority in this world of mine.
     Seek for the right reason of your action, be happy with it, and never regret what you did.  Learning is part of life's ingenuity.  We live to learn.  Simply look at the things around you and ask.  There is a big difference when you ask---"The answer is always no when you don't ask."  Small things like "hi" and "hello" makes a big difference too.  It tells that somehow you remember them.  The question, "How are you?" Sends a small thought towards the life of the others.  Me, I don't have the right to say and do what you want.  Yet, whenever something went wrong, I am the one to pull you back in track  even though it would cause my life.

     Wait, just to add.I intended not to include the meaning of the title so forth you would search for it. . . 

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

"I'm In Pain"

Zoro in pain
     "I can't help myself to stare a beautiful lady."  It is simply in me to look at them and appreciate there existence.  You know what , it is the only thing I can do.  I'm afraid that I can only bring pain rather than happiness for a cute lady that I see.   I can talk with them, mingle have a small chat then afterwards, nothing more happen.  They simply pass through me.  Right, I met them.  I get there name, and come a little close to them yet they come to forget me.  Honestly, I don't like that feeling.  One reason why I don't ask names of a beautiful lady as much as possible.  I want to meet people because I want to gain new friends.  The fact is, I'm a man and also get attracted to women.
Remember like Zoro's Promise
     It is true.  When a beautiful lady walks in front of me, my eyes will follow her.  Apparently, I have a different attitude as I see a beautiful woman.  I come to easily ignore a lady that everyone do admire.  My feelings aren't important anyway.  Besides, who would care if someone would hurt me.  They would simply criticize me whether I do nothing or something so forth I always do what I want to do.  Ladies, I can't live without them.  They often give me urge to do things that I haven't done--- Being stupid, being dumb, lie, and give without asking for return.  Tell you something, it is my happiness to see a beautiful lady smile because of my work.  It would made me proud of myself knowing my craft fulfill a part of its purpose.  I have too many burden yet a simple thought of making me feel that way really put a line in my record.  Happiness is life's meaning and it is  why I often make myself happy as possible.  With what I have and what I see, I simply try to mend sorrow away.  I know it is hard though when a beautiful lady made me happy or smile, I will remember that and I would promise myself for an exchange for that gift.  I don't care if I got to be recognize for it.  Yet, if I don't make something for that thought, it would mean a big failure for me.  My words and specially my promise is important for me.  I always prioritize this things because it means a lot in me though the others say it is just a minor principle in life.
Read about Zoro's Promise
Hime Chan
     Nevertheless, because of my daily struggle, I come  to forget that I need someone that would be on my side when I fall.  Lucky I still perceive a lady that pushes me to move on for my life.  She is beautiful.  Why not you tell that to me?  If you would say she is not beautiful then, tell say it to the marines.  She made me startle for an unknown reason  and I mesmerize me of that feeling or someone before though I love how it felt because I haven't felt it for such a long time.  Maybe its good for me to do nothing at all ad simply stare at you.  I don't wanna make you move much farther than how close you are to me already.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Chibi Hime
    "Cherubs are like babies that  give cheer to their attendants."  One of my archive quotes that I wrote a long time ago.  I made the line because I suddenly realize that babies  are like heavenly  creatures that brings bliss for there audience.  The reason I got to be relaxed whenever a cute baby  soothe my view.  Me, I love to play with cute babies.  Few only know that.  Because they know that I can only make a baby cry, some assumes that a baby would runaway whenever they see me.  I only want people to take that image of  me for I believe that true friends can only know you better.  Apparently, I barge unto a special baby.  I don't know if she would recognize me ye she's one of the meaning I come to lurk in conventions.
Chibi Hime Fan page
     I love to stare at this baby.  That's how beauty is truly accepted.  You never would want to damage the appearance that is being perceived.  This baby is famous right now and I don't know how farther she might come to apprehend.  There's only one thing for sure.  Though she become great in her own field, I will never forget how lucky I am to ever meet such child.  Sometimes, I wished for a child like her though it would still be very far from now.  My present situation couldn't carry a baby right now.  I promised that once I have a child, my life would be stable by then.  Not like my situation, not like my parents did, not like my experience I had had.  Seeing my precious child happy and having no signs of problem due of my action is one of my best concern n life.   Honestly, I owe respect for the parents of this baby.  They raise her with the sun on her cheek--- so glooming, so energetic, so cute, and so clever.  I really say that her parents truly love her so much.  The efforts which they give to have all what she have right now, that would  mean a lot thing because nowadays our daily life is  much harder than it was before.  For it, her parents should be praised too because without there effort, I wouldn't had known this cute baby.  Great Job parents!
     I just wanna see this little baby run around and play.   I'm contented seeing you happy because its one of the reason I kept on writing.  I  already pledge that my writings are in service for someone like you.  I don't wanna see another child deserted due for the err of there parents, I'm sick of ti and I'm affected by those simple things.  One of the ink for my pen, the blood in able to inscribe, and the objective for a part of my passion.  Thank you so much little princess.  Actually, you remind me of someone which really made a mark unto me.  I meant to her the line of Rei in  Highschool of the dead.  And, because of it a promise is made, because of her I still continue living to write--- because of her, I  think of you.  "I did have feelings for you back then . . .  But you didn't return them."

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Monday, 23 May 2011


      "I'm scared, but I can't turn my eyes away."  One of the reason why I can't help to stare beauty, my eyes have the urge to look upon them.  I guess anybody has that ability yet I simply perceive a unique beauty.  The introduction was a word of Yuuki Cross  in Vampire Knight.  I used ti because she is afraid of what to happen though she  bravely face what will do come.  In my perspective, I saw something yet I'm frighten to do what I want to do.  I want to ask more and hang for a moment but I'm afraid of negative reprimand.  It's alright to have a small chat but I speak very often.  I simply spot someone  who caught my eyes and amaze me for the  beauty she possess.  Don't get me wrong.  I simply know how to appreciate beauty that's what I wanna tell.   A lady whom emphasize aesthetics appropriately.
The Uniqe lady
     Silent, this is my first impression of her.   Maybe I just don't talk with her so much that's why I perceive it from her.  The Beautiful face ornamented with her costume during cosplay event.  This lady can stand-out by what she already have.  I can't explain it yet as soon as she mixes with a crowd, you will easily point her out.  I do know that she has meekness in her heart, for the warm accommodation this lady performs once you talk with her.  A very nice attitude to have when the spotlight is on her head.  I guess the next step would e stardom.  I think, knowing the lenses of the camera recognize the image of such ingenuity.  Originality, another issue for her.  It's always the first truly takes the credit.  The idea of owning an art and you didn't exclaim to reproduce another one's work is very great.   It's alright to oftenly copy something unless the true owner or the original takes the credit.  Copying has its good and bad sides.  The reason of your goal is the important thing once you tend to do such.  Eventually, I see some of her cosplay to be original though she mixes some other character with it.  It's because of her uniqueness, that's why no matter what she wears, the crowd will always mention the image she come to stun us. 
Bea Glaze
     Therefore, I simply want to thank you.  People may come and go, forget , and then move on.  Recognizing a person like you would be one of my happiness.  It's m passion actually.  Beauty should not be kept inside the closet, it should be released in order for the people to recognize how unique  each one can be.  I'm also an artist and I just know how to appreciate someone's hard work.  You, urging my pen and paper to produce something is very heart warming for me.  I know someone of special like you can become great someday, I already saw some who had there own success.  The attitude combined with beauty, it's just the start of your step towards the dream you want to have.  I will support you for your dream.  Be simple and never change, for a beautiful lady such as you will be better---on the stage. God bless. . .

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Mage of Ragnarok
     "Are is not magic.   Its purpose is not to enchant---but to disenchant!"  This is a line in Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino and it was said by Bitoy Camacho.  An splendid remark for art, I say.  There are a lot of medium that art can be expressed.  Some are painting, writing, singing, dancing, and a bunch of things that feelings are shown.  Others may exclaim that true art possesses magic for people can be hypnotize by the art that are well-expressed.  Apparently, it's not the reason why are is made.  According to the line, are is done to remove all sorrows and pain.  Artist often channel there burden to the medium they come to compel.  A  mage that can blast fireball and thunderbolt.  One of the creation that  a true artist had made.
Hime Chan
     Imagine, you can summon the lightning.  Fire can come out from your hands, and even the grounds can break because of your abilities.  Isn't that very cool?  Anyway, they only exist in fantasy.  The best way to portray them is through on-line games.  You created the character, control them, and make them evolve as the way you wanted it.  This is how people do really want to choose mage whenever they play a game whether it would be on-line or offline RPG.  Me, personally, I already said that mage is one of the bes character I would really desire to be yet they only exist in a world where we control and not in our reality.  Nevertheless, a mage can disenchant.  Removing the touch of a harsh reality and making thoughts that wuld enable fun is inclined with it.  Those are some of the good effects for me when I play games as a mage.  I simply don't push myself overboard so forth I will not be too afar with what I really need  to do.  In addition, I wish that mage is true.  This may look quite dumb but the child  inside me plays this trick  on me.  In some books, it said that everyone has an inner child in there heart, you must listen to them in order to understand yourself.  Well, I can't really explain it but I know I can feel it.  Like when you drink a water, you will feel that your thirst is quench as the liquid pass through your throat.  Honestly, I'm not that big fanatic of mage, magic, and wizardry.  They just come to amaze me with there marks and that is how art should be performed--- with knowledge and hard work.
My reality mage
     In real life, mage walks in a different image.  They are the artist that makes beautiful crafts and do more with what they have.  I barge with one which might be a mage, compelling magic without even making a chant.  A lady, a beautiful young lady, who enjoys upon her crafts.  I often get stun with her presence yet I don't know how it happen.  Sometimes, I even get sparks inside me simply by knowing she's around.  I already felt this before and I"m trying to neglect it.  I'm already okay with these effects, I simply don't want to ruin another one's life.  Telling the truth, I love that feeling and I miss that feeling a lot.  Because of it, another art is made.  Because of it, a life is regained.  Thank you very much for that feeling.  Now, I'm going to continue my life that crafts of yours. . .

©Thylyt19 11:16 am May 2011

Friday, 13 May 2011

"The Model"

Mizaki Aya
     "Pleasing,"  her audience as well as the photographers already proves that.  She's the living existence that happiness is a choice.  I suddenly claim it to her for those are the things I observe from her.  Tell me if I'm wrong cause, I'm simply one of her crowd which adheres her works.  Consequently, this lady seems to be happy whenever I see her in conventions.  It's alright for her having not much attention as long as she is happy upon her dwellings.  Yet, the lens of the camera can't let such unique personality to be left uncaptured.  You can see it in her photos, her costumes,her moves, and her pose that there is really something unto her.  Don't  get me wrong but, a talent like those should be recognized.
     First encounter, a character from K-ON and I think it not her first time to cosplay by then for she already knows hot to handle people whom wants to take photos of her.  After that, as far as I know, she visited various conventions with different character.  Me, I don't know the exact names of the character she portrays by then yet I know what anime it belongs.  She cosplayed a character from bleach and it is the one she was really known for the group which she belongs was featured from the famous cosplay organization in the cosplay community.  In addition, she can sing.  I don't know if she already given up her singing talents but she sings pretty well.  The cover which she did for Glamorous sky by Mika Nakashima reached me from my place.  It was great specially because the song is one of my favorite.  I wonder if I see her sing what would it look like.  I haven't seen her sing though I heard her voice.  By the way, some says that she was just starting her cosplay career yet look how fast she becomes known inside the community.  Others might say that the cosplay community is just small compared to the Otaku community.  Well, it is true.  Cosplay community is simply a branch of Otaku community, but hey! If you're already famous inside the cosplay community, the Otaku community is not too far ahead.
     Moreover, this cosplayer bears a renowned name inside th community.  She worked hard for it and she deserves all the credit she have right now.  Personally, this lady reminds me to never stop doing things that makes you happy no matter how long it takes.  I'm old that's why I often hault at things that may not suit my age yet from the acts of this lady, I just got he urge to do and continue the things that I want to do; Meet new people and gain friends.  For Asari Ugetsu, the first generation rain guardian of the Vongola Family, claimed that, "Friendship is a beautiful thing."  So I'll keep on doing my desire in the benefit of the community I come within.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


     "If I look like them, they won't kill me.  If I am one of them, they will not shoot me.  If I were like them---they will never hurt me. . . "  The reason why Envy commits envy.  Those words come from the series of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and it was spoken by himself, Envy.  His fear, his agony, the pain, and the people which molds his character.  All of it made him into that.  His fear of pain which stops him to be his self.  His agony towards acceptance that haults his ingenuity.  The pain of loneliness which drives him for his works.  And the people, ignoring to aid his situation.  Sometimes, I feel how Envy feels.  Its the reason I give sympathy for him.  He won't be like that if there would be someone to guide him properly, help him on his problems or if ever one would care to listen.  This is why sin is made.  It started from one, then another just built it up.
True form of Envy
Another form of Envy
     Look at the things with what you have and you will be satisfied  by them.  This is what Envy lack of.  He look towards the others yet he does not look upon himself.   With what he have, he don't care yet with what you have, he wants.  The things which he possess becomes useless.  His powers, his knowledge,his looks, and his companions are some that he never thinks of.  Things that can gain more than what he already have.  The problem is, his eyes just quenching upon what he sees.  Until he got what he want, he will forget it after then.   In the story, the meaning why Roy Mustang burns the eyes of Envy is because  of his sin.  Its his punishment.  They have just given other specific whereabout why Mustang can burn his eyes but I think this is the true explanation on it.  On the other hand, Edward understands the situation of Envy.   He just can't handle the people which Envy already offended and its the reason why they keep on punishing him until he dies. Edward would have helped him if he met Envy in the right time.  His sin would've not been that heavy and Envy is driven to the right path.  The effect  of our action can lead towards like him, Envy.   We might not notice it but the people around us do.  We are inside a picture and we cannot see the right view, only those whom outside the picture can take a better view where we really are.
Edward and Envy
     Blessings are countless.  Truthfully, I am currently strip of everything yet I still look on the better side of it.  Poverty, its already part of the community.  I'm here because of my own action and I should not blame the others for my position.  Life has a part where pain takes place, and that is where I am right now.  To be satisfied on what I have, to enrich the things I possess,and to be happy with my true friends--- this is my action.  The cure towards Envy so forth they will not call  me the name which a useless, empty, idle,person which people assume me.  I'm sick of it, and just like Envy, I'm already hurt of how they treat me, wasted.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

"Be Observant Upon The Situation Of Others"

     When a man can't walk, he would need anything to hold unto in able to move forward.  The sad part is , though people already adhere his position, they would come to neglect him.  One of the most harsh truth of reality.  They see you but they will ignore you.  Selfishness, I think this could be it, human always put themselves first before everything.  There worldly desire which tends to throw progress for there life.  To aid, it would not cross a mind of stubbornness.  What matters to them is to quench the thirst of there flesh.  They would see you stumbling, crawling, shaking, and devoured but they will just look at you.  I wonder if they would be in your situation, would they endure what you endure.  Sometimes, I want to let them feel the situation I'm in, not to make revenge or any self pleasure of mine yet to teach on what they are doing on us.
     The value they set with you.  This tells that your not important because they think less of you.   A stranger I might say, though oftenly they know you somehow.  The hardest part about it, is that, although they bountifully rejoice with something they would not share that feeling.  I know its not a big thing yet envy would slightly fall unto place.  It's not right to begrudge or envy upon the others, we must always take good care of what we have. A prudent attitude towards the things at hand can make a lot of change.  Sharing, I do what I can.  The worst is to see someone happy while the others are crying.  Field of lament with one merry heart, this may sound funny or absurd yet reality can do such things.  The sympathy for pain is gone in there heart.  As they gone through trouble, we run for them in able to aid.  A look back is gone.  The lean for us is dissolve yet what matters is to see them okay.  Move on and never look back, maybe they set things in there mind.  They will just remember you when there is an occasion, a feast, a celebration, or when you would treat them but when you gone nothing and be sad, they don't know you.
     Life is a cycle.  Humans only handle what they see on there front.  If they won't get anything from you, they will forsake you.  The pride of an individual person still flies over.  Do remember that human feels pain too, what you feel is often what they feel.  We still have small similarity because we are human.  We seek for food, belongingness, water, and things that  our body need.  Just don't be too narrow to look only upon the path of your desire, you may step upon something or someone because of your works.  Work for the good and be generous towards the others, be mindful of them whom suffers.  For what did Alfonse Elric said which defines us all when we go through a moment of wailings, "It's impossible to cry without a tear if your a human."

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"Don't Be Sad"

     "I don't care what happen to me. I don't e care what happens to the world. I just want to save you."    This is a passage in one of the OVA of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  The line was said by Shinji Ikari, he is the man protagonist of the story. He tends to neglect all that surrounds him for someone who is important for him.  Very ironic I think, but in the real world nobody would do such thing.  Few have the faith to continue what there heart desires.  Frustration, one of the most visible reason to point-out.  The consequences of a action is the one we often consider when a conflict arise.  We hault then eve defer decision which leads us to lost of opportunity and increase of pressure towards our life.  I, too, am afraid of consequences yet I just can't stand the painful look on your face.
     The first I saw you, the sun brights upon your face.  There's no trace of the harsh world, not even a mark of the life you prefer.  An angel? . . .  Maybe not.  They hover in heaven though you bring joy down here from the earth.  Perhaps a doll/  I guess not either for a doll doesn't hug back when you hug them tight.  They doesn't even yield when you praise them.  It is just good for your eyes.  I know, a cute little child.  Exactly, that's what your are.  Those smile that soothes my fear.  The warm radiance that vigorates my soul.  They simply don't understand it for most people judge by there eyes not by there hands.  For a clearer view, they criticize on what they only see yet they don't understand the existence of such situation.  I care for you but your may not see ti because I don't show it.  My wish of your success still lives on and I don't like it when I perceive a young maiden to rue upon an uncertainty.  I want to punish the one that brings trouble towards you though I don't have the right to do an action of such.  I can only be the Holy Knight that descend in the forest dispersing all the adversity which puts tears unto your face.  I do best about the things I know to do.
    Me,  a passerby apprehending the sudden lament you declare.  Some tells that I am just a wasted person because I can't do anything right.  I have no guts to pursue things which I want to do.   And even, make a single step towards my dreams.  Yet, I count the small progress I conceive everyday, for its better  to move slow rather than just standing still.  Wish I could rinse those tears though I can't do it.  I made a different way to make you laugh or smile for this photo.  I hope I ease your burden just even a little and stay happy for all the action you come to compel.  Stay blessed for the others and take care. . .  God bless.

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Back To Reality"

     The world is full of uncertainty.  We have no control about that.  Pain, agony, despair, and misery are simply a part of this sanctuary.  There are times  that we would  like to run away  from everything yet  if we do it,things  still remains the same. The only thing which change, is the place and the feeling.  The place for a better cure about  the burden which really pus a heart very low.  And the feeling, assumes  a very hard dealt to drive because its part of the reality that can't be faked.   Scape, its only a remedy for our world.  A good col down for the all so disparaging situation and return with a heart of valiancy, this could change the situation.  When things aren't doing well, why not chill and relax.  Too much pressure can lead to a bigger problem.  It is not good to practice such everyday though use the remedy in a proper situation.
     A gathering or a convention, this is one of my way for escape.  I'm very disrupted on the idea to the things that happen here.  I just wish that I didn't live for all that occur.  Sometimes, I want to give up but when I look upon how far I already got, I tend to move on.  I don't want to waste all the effort, the unfinished business, and the goals I want to attain.  Lucky I can walk even seeing my friends are adding as my strength.  They are the people that let me move from the recent advocacy I avail.  If I can't move on I stopped and relax for a moment.  Then, as my hand got all together along he people whom charges my shaking knees, I face all the enemy I can and destroy them down.  A gathering, another session of my escape.  Its better to have one without prior  agenda because when we got together, things will just flow-out smooth.  Don't plan, one of the things which we learned from each other .  It makes the day a lot more exciting where you don't know what to come yet you already see what will happen, a deja vu perhaps.
     There are some moments in life that we really ask,"Why do this have to happen to me?"  When I look back, I simply now know why.  Its the reason why I don't complain when something bad happens to me.  A lost, a mislead, a torture, and more to be specific---pain.  I'm not rich yet I do whatever I can to achieve things that I want.  I have no other way of channeling my expression though  I do my best in this field of mine. Thank you guys, hope we will have more times together and I am nothing without your companion.  For what did the line from Zombie Loan yields to generate excitement on people and the one thing that we, too, believe on is," Money motivates me to work but I never let money control my life."

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