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Sunday, 27 March 2011

"The Writer's Observance"

Cornellia De Dios
    "A very charming person,"  the brief description of the stranger I come to know.  I simply met her during a convention. She's bright, timid, and too naive.  No wonder she comes to attract a number of photographers when she arrives.  Consequently, this person is like  a rainbow  bringer, she simply looks very happy whenever I come to across with.  Energetic, for the entices the photographers to keep on taking photos of her, poses great for the crowd to be amaze, and she often disagree whenever you ask her a small favor.  There's only one point-out to her that disturbs me so much , maybe its her asset why people come to acknowledge her--- no matter what circumstances occur and what situation she makes, this girl never forget to smile.
Her Vocaloid Cosplay
    That smile of hers.  She does not leave it whenever she comes to a convention.  Maybe, I always see her smile so I come to observe it.  Specialty, I think its one of her abilities to cheer up a person by not knowing it.  Her aura of the way she carries herself tends to bring light thin an area.  Don't get me too ideal of a fluorescent that light up a room but someone whom brings radiance or a good scene for a view.  I admit it, she's beautiful.   There's no argument about it.  The reason why people come to adore her is because she is really charming.   I only have one encouragement for her if ever I would say it, her shyness.  If ever she had overcome it she would be very famous by now.  Or, she's already contented with her status inside the cosplay community.  The hell, she's already known.  In conventions, her photos are well pleased.  I simply wish she ramps on the catwalk for a better view of her works.  I know it's her weakness, to walk on the stage.  To me, I really want to see her there even for once.  I, too, want s to walk on the stage.  My only problem is, that I have no proper cosplay to suit with.  It's also one of my desire to participate in a catwalk.  I already experienced stage situation but the fulfillment of getting there is the true success if it is your first time.  When you get in once, you will ask for more.  Then again, she has her own way and I dearly support her for all her decision though I am just one of her crowd.
Winry and Edward
     The one that I am talking about, known for her vocaloid cosplay, will surely be aline to the stars.  I hope she pursues all her likes  for it really help her for reaching the goal she wants to take.  She is a nice person, I do perceive  that trait  of hers.  This girl is very meek and easily to be approach, no wonder everyone likes to talk with her.  A true admiring attitude for a person that suits a seer.  I do wish she prevails.   Furthermore,  I want to see more of her passion, for sometimes, I got some ideas out of it.  My own sense towards work continues and I come to make more our of them.  Just don't go astray so you'll be able to succor more artist who observes and perceives.  I'll include Edward Elric's words for a little disturbance or a guide, its how you look upon this.  His from the series Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and he said is to Winry for a purpose.  "Your hands aren't mean't for killing people, they're for helping them live."

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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Knight Hunters
     "Beautiful Boys?"  Come on, they often make the story alot more fun.  Because of them, the lead character enrages to have progress.  The girls follow them everywhere and most of the time they look cool.  This is also considered as manga style which focuses on teenage boys.  Its  word, Bishonen, can be settled in other words as Beautiful Boys,  like what I had earlier written.  In real life, a bishonen has its own anger for another bishonen.  I'm afraid that insecure is the right word.  Yet, whom a smart alternative bishonen comes, he knows how to respect and appreciate another man's work.  Share knowledge if applicable.  Helps one another just like a friend.  Moreover,  they still share common desire--- which is girls.
    This type of boys move with grace.  Doesn't want pushed down and fights whenever they are degrade.  Beats there enemies  with there weapons, simply to prevail justice and equality.  Cool, brave, amazing, and unbelievable are my definition for them.  They convey scenes that are heart pounding, breath taking, and highly remarkable due  to the stunts or the duel they consume.  For example,  Dante of Devil May Cry, his moves are slick and his skills are quite fantastic.  He crushes down the big guys and always win the battle.  His character may not suit as a Bishounen yet his moves and his skills are perfect for it.  If you more prefer on looking for example, try Knight Hunters, Yamato Nadeshiko's The wall flower ---"I can't remember the exact title,"  Sasuke of Naruto, and the male students of Vampire Knight.  Most of all, they bring the great lines which give encouragement for people.  They have there own belief, consistency, principles, and ways how to express themselves.  Bishonen talks less and makes alot of work.  A perfect attitude in reality for guys--- they don't speak unless it is needed.  They believe that when they move, people  already understand them.  The problem is, not all people has the same understanding and not all things are transmitted by moves.  This is where Winry's  line from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood come."There are some things in life that will only be understand through words." Which is true.
Aruiko Hatsuhara
     It pays respect to be called under this name.  A renowned choice of words to say.  I can call someone with this definition, for he tends to be the same with all of its aspect.  He might not perfectly have all the characteristics yet I owe him respect due to the accomplishment he had had.  This person is already ahead of me, too.  He can be anything that he wants though he still knows how to humble and accept.  One that never forgets his home and can be reached as soon as needed.  To me, I may not parallel his deeds but I know I can become great in my own ways.  He is a friend and I'm proud to shout and say that his part of my family.

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Friday, 25 March 2011

"You Need To Seek"

I found a nice friend
Alchemy circle
     There are basic ways to have what you want:  You need to seek, you need to ask, and you need to knock.  Its quite simple to say yet we  do neglect the importance of the basics.  We tend to compromise  such ways and prolong a very advance passage of our desires  yet we fail to apprehend our true necessity.  For me, the start of availing a missing part begins with seeking.  By tackling every new points in life, gives us opportunity to grow and meet up new things.  Kind person with a touch of quiescence.  I barge one when I least expected.  I dearly thank this person for I haven't asked yet it crossed, and I haven't knocked yet it came.  Isn't it quite amazing?  That as far as we are concern, he gives all what we need.
Gate of Truth
     Truth doesn't lie in satisfaction.  A very ideal fact that not all do understand.  It needs to prolong and shared.  The contentment of what the eye sees are not enough.  First, you need to knock.  We can't open all king of doors, that's true.  Even the smartest thief has its limitation.  Don't get too realistic.  There are some doors that has a special way to open.  Likewise, the door of the heart.  One of the most difficult door to confront with.  A close heart means of a close understanding, the exit and the entrance of truth has no way of passing.  Next, you need to ask.  We don't know how to have our needs we if we become idle.  Its alright to give questions, only if your question is for the truth.   Nonsense interrogation, null acquisition, and indefinite setting mends a useless type to ask.  Conversely,   the biggest difference between asking and not asking is the outcome--- the answer is always "No" if you don't ask.  Finally, you need to seek.  We can't find what is missing unless we look for it.  some says, "Don't look for something that is missing."  This could be true in certain situation yet I would prefer on this line, "The reason why you are looking, is because, you are missing something."  Now, its up to the reader on what is true and to believe on both lines.  I merely, encounter those words everyday so judgement lies in you.
She looks like a doll
    Truthfully, I have my own hunger.  The crave which seeks for its contentment.  This is how human flesh feels a real pain.  The everyday struggle to survive.  Eating, drinking, and seeking--- lucky if one provide such of a bountiful quicine.  Haptically, I am thankful for the person I come to met during the past time.  For without them, I would not be the person who I am right now.  Every inch of regret never stains my soul for I was happy when you cross my path.  The only trouble that I come to surmise now is similar to the line in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which I need to seek a cure.  "Gluttony is the result of fathers unsuccessful attempt at recreating the gate of truth--- Gluttony is the replica for the gate of truth."

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

"I Simply Want to Say"

Faye Lipper
     Everyone is special according to their own capabilities.  That's how I look upon persons.  They can make you smile in there own different way.  Just like what they say in drugs,"  If your not the proper cure, then the sickness shall never fade."  Last year, I met a nice person.  She's kind and very accommodative.  Beautiful, for she come to catch my my attention in her own way.  Terrific, because she bears her cosplay in an amusing sense.  And friendly, knowing this person can be easily reach.  A cosplayer that enjoys companion.  Sorry, for its only my opinion.  Whenever I see her in events, sh got her friends with her.   One of the reason why events are made.  Convention or gathering events tends to assemble people who shares the same enthusiasm.  This cosplayer,  a well-known-pretty-girl, is a resident attendee of conventions.
   I oftenly see her with a Vampire Knight cosplay.  It suits her very well for with it, she stand for her own beauty.  Though its a cosplay, her won sense of touch is perceivable no matter what angle of photos she come to have.  The white uniform in Vampire Knight, in the story it means your one of the night class which made up of students participated by vampires, is very pleasing with her.  I don't know if she truly love Vampire Knight or she simply decided to come up with it.  Maybe she was known about that costume so she come to wear it sometimes.  Moreover, she still tries different costumes as much as possible.  But, recently, I haven't  seen her in some events so I don't know he present idea of her cosplay.  I don't attend conventions nowadays for I have my own uncertainty.  I only attend whenever I feel okay or I simply want to have some fun.  During the time that I was attending cosplay events.  This lady is one of the nicest person who I come to know with, and I come to thank her for being nice.  I met alot of person in a convention and I'm really glad I met all of them.  Its really nice to have know friends, know sudden persons, mingle, and be in a group.  Like in vampire knight, the vampire students always stay with each other no matter what.  It looks like there are friends for they care about each other and worried when someone is hurt.  Likewise, the person who I come to describe knows how to care and understand.
     Conclusively,  I really want this person to be known.  Of being nice and of being beautiful, those are what I come to observe.  I definitely say that someday she will be famous, for I already seen her in one of the newspaper.  Its only the start, she could be famous artist too because I think she's intelligent.  Again, I'd like to thank her for know such person.  She's very lucky for I know she's happy now.  I'll just include a line of Kaname in Vampire Knight for ti surely make an appropriate words to say, as Kaname said it to Yuuki, "This world is not so beautiful.  The most beautiful thing is your eyes which can stop this twisted world."

   No further intentions, I simply want to say "Thank You."

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"You've Gone Astray"

Pureheart Light
      I don't remember the person who I Know before.  As if he'd change for an unknown reason.  He doesn't accept, doesn't know to humble, and forgot to have trust.  It seems that this person already gain all of the payment for his effort, has good job, a nice position in it, has a better lifestyle, and tends to achieve more of his desire.  There's only one problem.  He is like a zombie.  The entity is there  yet the perception is closed.  A body can be seen though a good sense of response are void.  Nevertheless, this person doesn't  grow.  His far more better than he was before.  He knows how to care, He knows to understand, and also knows how to lower his head.  Maybe his isolation inside his work made him like that, to a person that closes to everything.  In addition, he's  smart, no one can take away that definition to him.  The problem is, he looks himself very low, lower than a human can do.  I guess that he even look upon some, much lower than him so no one looks forward about his capabilities.
   "Wasted," I know I am.  That's how other people treat me.  Its the reason I come to neglect persons who treat me like that.  Much lower than a dirt, lower than grounds, and what I hate more--- much lower that a human.  Before, when he was just normal, he never got the idea of that.  As if the feeling of degradation upon his companion, was never there.  I'm just sick and tired of people who treat me like a useless, pest, dumb, and lazy person.  I hate it and I'm already hurt of it.  I always come to make up with my shortcomings but what I am capable of dong now is this, learn and accept.  Some simply don't see it. They only come to criticize.  Similar to art, there will always be a negative feed back no matter how beautiful your work can be.  Although what you are doing is for them, they try to abhor as much as they can.  Besides, I still care for them no matter how lowly they come to look upon me.  I just wish that the person cares to learn.  Because what I'm worried about is, if he do  the same error and ask why things are happening to him, it means he doesn't get the lesson so it will repeat again until he learns what is needed to learn.
     What we had said, and what I still meant even for now.  " I will be here whenever you need me."  We simply care of you that's why.  Even though you move away, our hands are so easy to reach.  "Can you keep up with me?"  That's what you said.  Its absurd!  How can we keep up with you when we already pass you.  In status, yes your ahead of us but in faith and trust maybe you've gone the wrong path.  Moving away is not he answer, you need to speak.  Simply do things in a nice way, not too rude, not too dumb, but with knowledge that contains truth and humbleness.  You also said before, "nothing is sure in this world,"  but how come you think so much of the future.  You worry so much about what to happen and claims, "Happiness as a sin."  If  only you have a proper guidance and a small trust, everything will be fine.  I'll just put Hirano's   line in Highschool of the Dead for no further words.  "You always treated me like a crap!  But I put up with it, I put up with it for so long.  I wanted to be normal, so I kept putting up with it.  But I don't need to do that anymore, Normal doesn't mean shit!

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


     "Even though it is blocked, we can still see the sky.  We can still see the sea.  This is not hell, so please stop acting like your dying."  Usopp said this in One Piece when Luffy was almost defeated by his enemy.  Luffy cannot  make any move by then because he thought that he already used all his strength.  But when his enemy tried to target Usopp, after saying those words.  The captain, Luffy, stand up and gained his spirit.  He beat up his opponent by protecting his friend.  He has a dream, to reach for it and rise to the sky.  Life is a progress.  The limit only stops when you already touch the sky.  If you haven't felt the clouds under your feet, the stars down below, and soar high even that you don't count your belongings, this means that your life haven't reach "Sora" or the sky.
     Dreams are often as high as the sky.  We need to work for it in able for us to have it.  People who doesn't mind bothering there dreams mend to stay derailed to the path they really want to take.  Whether to a dim sky or a bright sky, the ending still follows to the captain.  What I mean is, your are the boss of your ship.  The sky is simply a destination for you  not to become idle of all the capabilities you have.  It  must be shared for the benefit of the community, the crowd which needs  your specialties that they don't have.  Every single person has unique ability.  One should let the world see it  so forth not the ability depletes as much as fade in barren.  For those whom has there dream of there own yet sometimes looses hope, I recommend to watch One Piece.  This anime is not all about action, not all about entertainment, its more like how to conquer your dreams and reach for the sky.  Though your an ordinary person, by your dreams, you can become special.  Its also about friendship.  The ups and down even the sacrifice of a true friend just for his friend.  Nevertheless, sky can never be too dark whenever real friends comes to journey with your dreams.
Skyla Nikijima
     Eventually, I have one person in mind that I come to think that is similar to sky.  Not  that I only call her by hat name but simply, she just come to aim for the sky.  This girl, as much as I see it, can do things that bound with the sky.  Cosplaying, gaming, studying, and alot of desires she comes to hold with.  She's even beautiful as I can tell.  No wonder many comes to get amaze and be stun by herself.  Furthermore, her name similarly bind with her personality.  Being a sky to be dreamt of and a reason to chase every goals that come in your mind.  Those are the view of my own for her.  Lucky this child can do alot of things that she likes.  No one stops and no one to restrain her upon what to do.  Isn't it really nice to do things upon your wish?  In able to reach and feel the sky of the desire.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011


Nikie Ai
Cute Girls," this is the type of manga which refers to them.  A very attractive type of manga that pushes some to enrich, and be edified.  In real life, women can be defined by this word.  It does not keep the meaning for this for the manga though for the beautiful women too.   there are alot of ladies who I can give as an example for this yet I have to pick one to  have an abstract.  I would not choose famous women because many had already said there beautiful.  Just to be unique, and for my own random choice, I prefer a cosplayer who I doesn't know who much.  Honestly, I set her as an example for she is well-defined by the word, Bishoujo.  Cute as for the people who sees her and a head turner for the boys.
     Apparently, one of the reason why certain things are well mentioned---Because they are beautiful. Products or crafts are notice through how beauty is explained.  They set to share ideas and information concerning the true essence of aesthetism in able for the crowd to see and understand.  The photo, as my example of Bishoujo, show a remarkable view of beauty.  I could put my pick cosplayer there, even my friend, though I choose her so that bias will have no meaning here.  II claim to be a artist, a writer to be specified, and as an artist expressing the truth upon you r work is one of the major principles of art.  The outcome is the most important, not the work itself.  Always keep in mid that, " You can be busy working upon anything yet you haven't even finished one despite of the distant time you consumed."
     Moreover, this girl is true essence of beauty. Who would say not?  A fine work of art, I likely say.   I just come to point-out her simplicity and ingenuity of surmising her cosplay.  She does not go with so much design or anything yet the crowd comes to recognize her with her presence.  I only heard her voice just as then which sounds really nice because the tone of femininity is truly perceivable upon her answer.  Polite, for she accommodates those person who barge unto her during events.  And though I haven't seen her participate the catwalk, she tends to catch crowd for her steps.
Samurai Champloo
     Women are very hard to define.  Yet, I hope by this, I made a mere definition of them.  Men should have more understanding about women for its really hard to live without them.  We cannot comet o cross a sea without any reason much more of a person to be successful.  Rudeness is dumb act to perform in a front of women.  Being gentle and nice, seems to be the start.  Just don't  push yourself too much so, that will shall take its place.   As for a Bishoujo, stay nice and good for the people who astonished upon you.  For men should not usurp, what is not for them.  Simply remember this line in Samurai Champloo"Eels are like women.  If you try to force them, they will run away."

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     What is your resolve?  Few people have the definite answer for this question.  They often took years to come out with there true answer.  Even if sometimes, they found an answer, it is not there real resolve.  They have just thought of it simply to have an answer.  The real answer for your resolve will be determine when everything is gone, and what is only kept is your resolve.
     In the animation, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, flames are ignited by resolve.  These are the aura which thy use to fight against the enemies.  The bigger the resolve, the better.  It  means that the higher you come to hold on your resolve, the stronger you are.  Just imagine, if you have a definite decision to what you want to do in your life, you will be very strong in regard for the story.  Changing resolve to weapons defending yourself of attacking a foe with it, hey! It would be very cool.   The problem is, do you know your resolve?
     Decisions, so much more as resolve, varies to the one that bears it.  Whether fame, fortune, or friends are your answer, the strength of it equals on how you hold it.  For example, the main character of  the animation, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, wants to protect his family and friends.  He can sacrifice his life just for that resolve.  He's even willing to give everything he have to fulfill that resolve.  So forth, the hero of the story defy his enemies despite of his shortcomings and failure.  Eventually, we come to be restrain by th fear of the reward aster death.  Our decisions become vague and we tend to go astray for the path we truly desire.  Then lives got ruin because of an unfasten resolve.  Its not easy to find a resolve unless eversince a child, you come to have a worry free life. Resolves are very vivid in children for they don't think anything else instead of there thoughts.  There's just a sudden flaw for an infant resolve, they come to change very often.  They are very  inconsistent depending on the environment they have.  Nevertheless, it is there decision upon a certain thing.  Just like what the father of Yamamoto Said, "It's not an issue of what you should do.  Its an issue of what you want to do."  He wants to enlighten Yamamoto for his decision so that this resolve will become much stronger.  He has doubts about his true desire yet by his father's words, he returned his true will in order to win his battles.
     Consequently,  I know someone who had just declared a resolve.  She tends to move in the pathway where she might take her true happiness.  Setting aside the cosplay life and settling the passion of her own.  This was the decision she had just made.  I simply heard that this lady won't be cosplaying due to the duty she come to have.  Don't worry, she will still attend cosplay event though you will not see her in cosplay outfit.  As far as I'm concerned, I want to support her to what decision she will come up with.  For we are happy, as long as your happy with your decision.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011


     The word means "friend."  I simply got interested to the word because of how wonderful its significance can be.  You can refer your companions for it.  I first heard the word from One Piece, an anime which exemplifies a young pirate to conquer his dreams.  By following his dreams, he come to  friends and by them he become to defeat enemies which he has no chance of winning yet, as I said, he defeated them all.  Most of the time, in the story, his group encounters  unfair battle.  Telling their enemies are far from what they are capable of, having the impossibility to defeat their adversities, and sometimes they are even cheated just to overcome there group.  Fortunately, no matter what there antagonist claims to outwit them, the group of the hero still wins.  The hero and his comrades doesn't leave each other.  They are even willing to sacrifice there own happiness and there own selves just to save them.   Lying, so forth in making ashame of there own, is all they can give for there friend. Conversely, these are the reasons I come to be attach by the story.
     All of the m embers of this pirate has a superb skill on there specialty.  Each one claims there own passion and by it, they combine there dreams with.  Passion, in a sense that they continuously do what they desire to do. The swordsman for example tends to have passion for his sword.  He can't be a swordsman without a sword or in the story he carries a Katana yet he was not contented with just one sword so he bears three of it.   Dreams, much more as the aims for there passion, truly boost there spirit even though everything comes to apathy.  The captain, the main character of the story, has the biggest dream of them all---being a pirate king.  This is to find the greatest treasure in the whole world.  He might have many opponents together with this dream yet by his friends, the suppose Pirate King never loses hope.  Apparently, this journey of his brings a broad opportunity to discover new things even upheld new friends.  Maybe that is what hit line is meant for, "Today you are alone but one day you'll find your nakama."  Those were the words for Robin when her guardian helped her escape the buster call which leads her guardian to sacrifice his life in able of pursuing Robin's wonderful future.
My existing Dream
     One Piece is classed as the longest anime in the community.   I come to think that the one who made ti really love what they are doing because its not easy to create fantastic story and such a wonderful animation in the same time.  Consistency and determination are some of the elements of creating such, there are more yet a deeper understanding needs to be prevailed.   Moreover, the story enlightens me to sue my passion and dreams.  Passion, which is writing. I can't live without my pen and paper to write.  Dreams,  I have lots of those.  Yet, I follow them no matter how long it takes.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"Please Listen"

     "If you need a reason, I'll give  you one.  No matter how tainted you think you are, I'll keep on admiring you as long as I live.  I'll always believe that you're the best woman ever.  So don't die to me!!!"  Takashi said this to Saeko when she gone despaired during the story in Highschool of the Dead.  I kinda like the line because I just want to say this line to someone else.  I want  to encourage that person just like how Takashi encourage Saeko then.  The person which I am talking about has a similar attitude to Saeko, has a slight boyish moves yet her femininity is still outstandable though this person always hang around with the boys.
     Similar to Saeko, in Highschool of the Dead, She is a strong person.  Looks very beautiful ye deadly when claims it moves.  Talented, in her own field and kind to a person who is also kind to her.  The one which I am describing has a soft side though she astonishes the crowd with her magnificent poise and structure.  She appears to have the essence of Authority yet by coming close, a very feminate child tends of summarizing her overall specification.  In other words, what you see from her is not her whole self.  Its just a glimpse of the beauty, uniqueness, and partial ingenuity of her true identity.  The trouble and deeper uncertainty are not visible yet by it, she become very strong.  Powerful against every adversity that comes which boost out the strength inside, her.  I speak like I really know her, I just come to hang with her very often.  It seems to me that her life is well-known inside the community,  I simply observe and wonders to care.  How cruel things can really happen thought when it occur, we can't do anything about it.  We come to face it with all our might and let all things pass.  For her,  I think she puts all her pain, in her actions, so that it would not push her down---and let her not faint on the ground.  This is a very nice way to cure uncertainty.  Releasing them in anther passage for her not to make a stumble.
Pam Ola
     The two is really identical in some ways, her and Saeko.  A cautious well refined person with a touch of sweetness inside.  This sets her above from the crowd, her comparative attitude along her sole character.  Maybe in real life, I can't say the line in front of her because we talk occasionally.  May this words reach her for I care even in a small part.  Hope things will just come on your way though there are some that disputes to it just to break you down.

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Monday, 14 March 2011

"Give Up?"

Edward Elric
     "Stand up and walk, you need to rely on anything."  Edward Elric said this line to a girl who had a broken spirit in Fullmetal Alcmemist.  The girl has no legs and decided to switch it in an automail.  For the others, automail is the mechanical replacement for the arms of legs of a human in Fullmetal Alchemist.  Actually, the line means for the girl to stand and keep on walking  in able for her to continue.  Literally, for us, it means to keep on moving your life to have faith on anything so that you will not go astray or despaired.
Full Metal Alchemist
     In life, we tend to have many uncertainty.  A very cliche' phenomena nowadays.  I declare of it because problem is always present in life,  without them it would be lame but with them its worth of something.  Handling problem depends on whom its taking care of.  If he will strike and attack the problem, the outcome still varies to the person that carries it.  If the would just accept his defeat or be hurled by it, the ending still complies to the person struggling.  Moreover, I have a friend that strikes every disaster that came to his life.  It made him strong after surpassing those troubles and up until now, he's still gaining progress from all the things that passed him.  He lost his house, he lost his father, he even almost lost faith yet by continuously struggling, he overcome all of those.  This person knows how to learn and accept so he tends to grow little b little in every step he made.  Appreciation, humbleness, and determination is all in his guts.  Also, he does not think just for himself.  This always put priorities on his hands.  Aid those in need, support those loosen heart, and comforts when solitaire arise.  I will always say, "I'm lucky I'm his friend," because without him I could have gone astray.  Gladly, his far more ahead of me now yet I'm really happy to where he is right now.  Besides, he truly deserve all his outcome and rewards for he worked hard to earn them.  His struggles, his efforts,his burden, and uncertainty.  All of it shaped him to rely on something.  He know all of this happened because he, Pureheart, had said, "I know the Almighty One takes everything away to test whether how strong your faith can be."  Those are not the exact words but what he meant was stated there.
Pureheat Light
     Recently, I have no news about him so I'm worried about him.  I know his strong, come to think about what had happened to him.  He might be struggling unto new batch of uncertainty, who in hell have none, which would be the reason for his silence and for not communicating us.  Hope, Pureheart is just fine wherever he is, And I'll be just praying for his safety because up to now, its the only thing I can do for him though he had done lots to help me.

©Thylyt19 2:47 pm March 11, 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011


     Thunderbolt, fireball, frostbite, and earthquake--- those are some of the skills that this character can have.  More often, they are not all the same.  It still vary on the story line or the atmosphere they  come to dwell with.  They are so powerful that they can destroy a range of territory by  not setting a foot unto it.  Clever, smart, and knowledgeable those are the most traits they come to surmise.  A majestic skill of such to make a great assemblance of the elements rushing through the adversity and vanishing them in a split second.  As for myself, I really come to be amaze by the character ---specially in RPG's.  Sometimes I even imagine I can summon blizzards and pretend that I am one of them.  Very childish I think, yet it's one of my way to have fun and scape the fangs of reality.
Ichiru of Vampire Knight
     Decisions makes a turning point to life.  This can determine what path shall be taken.  Whether to rise or to fall, it all starts with a decision.  Not all spellcaster made the right decision yet they always stand for what they comply.  Doubts, that's very absurd to them.  Once a decision is made, they comply ti with persistency and honesty.  A good trait to have, right?  Maybe this tells me to trust every simple words of a person.   Unfortunately, few can stand for there words making themselves to be ruin.  The one that I come to observe most of the time is punctuality.  I know some which will settle a time yet would arrive in a very distant hour.  I will not specify it yet fulfilling your words is sometimes the start of respect.  Relying to others so much can drive a deep pain, lucky if the one you rely knows how to be trusted.   What if they are not?  That's why Ichiru of Vampire Knight said these lines, "Even though I risked my own life, I know I couldn't do anything by myself."  He sets to look forward at someone yet that someone doesn't turn around for him.  Ichiru is as clever as a mage can be though apart of him is similar to the magic users.
The Gorgeous Maiden
     Moreover, I come no difference to Ichiru.  I always look forward unto someno yet, just by acquiring a notice, is the simple way of acknowledging an existence.  No doubts, no regrets, and no questions.  What's important is the soothe of content.  I might end up like Ichiru on his peradventure though I do it with all my will.  I'll just come to pretend as a wizard, so talented and skillful, that for myself, I look great even in the front of this gorgeous maiden.

©Thylyt19 10:36 am March 11, 2011

Saturday, 12 March 2011

"You Are A Friend, Right?"

     "It's hard to prove a friend." This is one of the major principles of knowing someone.  People, they tend to come and go.  Disturbing our silent worlds, ruining our daily motive, and crashing our medium scale choirs.  Moreover, because of it, we change.  Because of them, we endure our everyday uncertainty.  And without them, it would be very boring.  Luckily, someone barge unto me in able to share aspirations and goals.  A nice person which I'm proud to treat as my friend.  The individual who I count on and one that I can give my trust too.
     This someone, a cosplayer, can push cloud beyond the sky.  Remove the rain away with just its presence, calling the mist to protect the valuables against the adversity.  It seems to em that everyone will perceive the unique talent of this child because it bears fun and laughter from mingling with this person.  Oftenly, the one that I am talking about is not too talkative yet, when you come close, there are more than what an eye can see.  Reserve, polite, meek, and timid those are my self-definition of this young lady.
     She's very nice and I come to treat her as one of my treasure.  As a family, this young child truly knows how to accept, understood, and appreciate.  Intelligent for she comes to be good in her academics.  Very persistent towards her work because she can never be disrupted when she starts her goal.  Most of all, a very silent young lady combined with a beautiful face for the crowd to be astonished and amazed.
     Me, I've never come to think that someone like her will come and be one of the few which I call friend.  She might not know it, but heartily its true.  There are some worthwhile proof and small postulates that I still consider as a connection.  She might leave to continue on her journey alone but no matter what happen this child can return as my friend.  For some part of her life, our path had crossed and we had shared passion in this big dim world.  Just like what Ling Yao said in Fullmetal Alchemist which I truly comply to her, "Friends are connected by heart, you can't just rinse off something that stained on your soul!!!"

©Thylyt19 7:02 pm March 10,2011

Friday, 11 March 2011

"I Still Think Of Her"

     "That child is thinking of you always but you've forgotten about him."  This was a line of Maria in Vampire Knight.  It simply bite my senses as I come to think of a person.  The line, by Maria, was said to Yuuki when she come to forget Zero.  I'm not quite sure of it so if I made an error please do tell.  Then again, the feelings of Zero could have been the same way as mine.  Telling that I still come to think of someone yet that someone had already forgotten me.
Vampire Knight Characters
     In Vampire Knight, Yuuki tends to have another commotion by then so she comes to neglect Zero very often.  In my position, the person that I come to think of had already taken the way of its own.  And I, on the road for myself.  Its been a couple of years since I met this person yet whenever I've gone into silence that person visits my mind.  Reminiscing every moments and the struggle together is just the thoughts that burst my head.  Maybe, being my inspiration by those time of my trouble really made a mark into me.  Likewise, what had Yuuki did to aid Zero when they was still young.
     This person, a beautiful attractive lady, was a friend of mine.  To tell everyone the truth, I don't have any news about her.  What I just know about her, is that, She's happy now.  I last saw her when a tragedy came to her family.  She's still very beautiful though I haven't come to see her.  A very smart, intelligent, pretty, and meek person that's my conclusion of what I perceive of her.Nice, in a manner of every concept because I don't think anyone would not dare to abrupt her wondrous entity for she has the trait of bringing up the sunshine on your sight.  Putting bridge to walk on your dreams.  And, coloring a rainbow to the sky of your passion.
     Moreover, it still bothers me that, thought its been a year since the last time I say her, some of her thoughts still visits me during my time of despair.  By those, it flush away my despair and made me crawl for its the only thing I can do now.  Would you believe?  Those eyes are the sparks when I close my eyes.  Her hair is the one I reach up when I come to lie down on the floor.  And her face, comes to illustrate me when I see another woman.  Then, it really hurts when someone important to you forgets while you still think of them.

©Thylyt19 8:38 am March 10, 2011

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Prayer Of Thylyt19"

     My Mighty God, who canst dwell us in misery and pain,I humbly beseech thee.  Through thy sanctity and lenity, guidest us to the serenity of thy sanctuary.  From thy word strengthens my Faith, above us hovers thy Seraphim and Cherubim.  Hope entrust thee, my Immortal God, danger shalt not jeopardize us.  Thy Thrones teach to manifest Charity amongst others.
     Dominations hast edict Virtues.  Abiding Fortitude,forbear vicious venture, diminishing tremble.  Aid my action in practice of Justice, deliberating the right from wrong.  Uphold such divinity exemplicates thy Powers.
     The Principalities, prevalence by thy Prince, demonstrate me the good that I will to do.  Adhere my spirit withe Temperance,in restrain of temptation and contempt indulgence.  Disperse all evil, whom persuadest us commit malice deeds against thine Archangels.  And grant my talent, in serve for the people, imitating the messenger--- thine Angels.
     I thank thee, my loving God, for the gifts thou handed.  Whether of things that cant be grasp or of value that best kept in heart.  I repent on my sins for plead of thy forgiveness.  And bless they, who accompany me, for without them I shalt be lonely at my inane life.
     I pray in the name of Jesus and at the intercession of Mama Mary for the entity of those whom surrounds me, to be at the hand of God now and forever.  Amen

©Thylyt19 Nov. 7, 2008

"That Cute Little Child"

     I really often smile.   Maybe its the reason I look old.  Some says that I look twenty five though I am just twenty two.  Its seems for me that there's no reason to smile nowadays.  The daily struggles, my shortcomings, and loneliness tends me of forgetting how to express it and  how to show it.  Fortunately, someone made me smile and I didn't expect that feeling.  The sensation was great.  For as far as I remember,  it is the last time that I made a smile.
     This someone, a child full of beauty, enlightens me for a short period of time.  I simply met her in a event.  She was just young yet very attractive.  Its no wonder many comes to ask for her photos during an event.  A doll, a very expensive porcelain doll, is my description for her.  The child seem to be really loved and nurtured by her parents because, I can prominently perceive it upon her overall personality.
     Honestly, she is cute and polite.  I think I'm not he only one who think of it but all th people that she come to cross with.  Very accommodating, for she knows to answer back when being asked.  Recently, there are some that doesn't comply from a simple question though you ask them in a nice way .  But this girl , sets aloft and draws a smile unto my face.
    "Girls are born as gentle princess."  This is according to the principal named Cross of Vampire Knight.  That compels me to think of girls as gentle as possibly.  Yet, some doesn't possess such characteristics.  Even few doesn't answer a "No" when being asked though they just leave and never say a word.  Its always appropriate to say something rather than wait and hope for nothing.
     Nevertheless, what did the passage meant describes this girl.  The gentle princess which knows how to be humble and understand.  She must be prevailed for her sweet little deeds.  People should set her as an example being nice and kind towards the others.  So that those rude ones shall be taught some lessons.
     Promptly, I should share her actions to regale her followers.  The uniqueness she upheld and the grateful traits she come to have.  One should know how to appreciate small things because ti often brings impact to certain persons.  A smile which I haven't felt for awhile.  Its the small thing which I received from, "That Cute Little Child."

©Thylyt19 11:17    March 7,2011